The mind never puts forth greater power over itself than when, in great trials or difficulties, it yields up calmly its desire, affections, and personal interests to God. There are seasons when to be still demands immeasurably higher strength that to act. Composure is often the highest result of power.

Do you think it demands no power to calm the stormy elements of passion, to moderate the vehemence of desire, to throw off the load of dejection, to suppress every “poor-me” thought? When the dearest hopes are withered do you think that it does not require power to turn the wounded spirit from dangerous and self-defeating thoughts and quietly go about ordinary duties?

Is there no power put forth when a person, stripped of his or her property or of the fruits of life’s labours, quells discontent and gloomy foreboding, and serenely and patiently returns to the tasks which God assigns?

When obstacles and trials seem
Like prison walls to be,
I do the little I can do,
And leave the rest to Thee.


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Wonderful Moments

So wonderful are those times when the soul draws away from the world to be alone with God. God’s voice is everywhere but we don’t always notice or hear. The noise of the world around us and the busyness of our own lives and minds deafens our inward ears. If we learn to communicate with God in stillness then that stillness goes with us when we go out into our busy lives.

Unite, my roving thoughts, unite

In silence soft and sweet;

And you, my soul, sit gently down

At my Saviour’s feet.

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I’m Back

Wow! Lots has happened since I last posted to this blog. Some good, some great, some not so good. Anyway, no point dwelling on the past no matter what has happened because a new year has begun and with it new opportunities and possibilities.

The apostle Paul once said that he was forgetting what was behind and pushing forward to the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus. That seems to me like a pretty good attitude.

What is the high calling, though? Or more importantly, what is your high calling? What is mine? And what is the mark of that high calling?

I believe that we all know in our hearts, at least to a degree, what we are called by God to do. Sometimes that picture is not clear because we have clouded our vision with other things. But when we get alone with God and ask him to reveal to us what he really wants for us, it will come. Not usually like a bolt of lightning or even a lightbulb, but more likely his truth will be revealed in little ways.

Something will continue to show up either in our minds or in our circumstances. We might have a dream or more than one that seems to be telling us something. The important thing is to ask for more information until your vision is clear. Keep asking God to reveal his plan for you and he will do it. It might not happen in a way you expect, but it will happen.

Have faith.

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Getting back on my feet

Unthinkable, unthinkable! But it happened not once, but twice, that my site was hacked into. Never mind, it is behind me now and I’m getting my internet world back up and running again.

Little by little, I am picking up the pieces and putting them back together in a whole new way. Please take a look at the new work-in-progress at Similar look, same great products and more to come, brand new outlook.

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The unthinkable

You hear about it, but it happens out there in cyberspace somewhere, maybe to someone else, but not to you, not to me. Well, I’m one of those ones ‘out there’ that it happened to. Someone hacked into one of my websites, and through certain criminal actions brought everything down.

So rather than cry over spilled milk, or keep paying and paying and paying for website fixes, I’m here on wordpress for my web presence at the moment. I can’t even suggest you take a look at my  great gift products, my spirit-lifting programs or my many, many articles and blog posts at this time, because there is nowhere to send you.

Luscious Place Resources will soon be resurrected along with my e-store and products. Please visit again soon for upcoming developments.


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Courage at the Falls

One weekend a few years ago, my husband and I visited a nearby waterfall. Though we’ve lived only a ten-minute drive away from it for many years, we had never taken the time to actually stop and take a look.

We parked the car and walked the short hike up to the viewing area below the base of the falls where a rail enclosure had been built to discourage visitors from climbing higher. In spite of the signage, people clambered all over the stones on the slope above.

“Let’s go up,” I said, ducking through the rails of the fence. After a moment’s hesitation, my husband followed. We picked our way over the rocky terrain and mounted the steep slope, being careful of loose stones and wet rocks. In a few minutes we were standing in the refreshing mist of the waterfall.

“I’m going higher,” I told my husband as I searched for firm footing.

“You want to see the pool, don’t you?” he said, squinting up at me. “It’s really not much of a pool, you know.” But by then I was nearly there and didn’t want to stop.

He was right. The pool was tiny but exquisite and the sun sparkled through the trees at the top of the falls lighting a glittering mist that sprinkled my camera lens as I sized up a few picturesque shots. Then I washed my hands in the cool stream and climbed slowly back down the slope.

Near the bottom, a father explained emphatically to his tearful young son that the reason he could not allow the child to climb up higher was because the child could get hurt. Just then, I had to stand aside to allow a tiny girl of about four years old to climb past me. She was aided by her mother, who was also diminutive, and followed by the petite grandmother, carrying a toddler in diapers and a tiny pink jacket. Evidently, they did not share that father’s fear of falling or getting hurt.

Courage and fear, usually learned from others when we are young, can be purposely taught or thoughtlessly communicated. However we absorb these powerful emotions, we need to examine how their presence or absence affects us.

I could not help but wonder if the small boy, whose father was convinced something bad would happen to him, will go through life afraid to try new things for fear of the worst. And will those two tiny girls, whose mother and grandmother helped them climb the challenging slope, be even more brave as they grow older?

When I think about my own life, I know I have courage because I so often say to myself, “Let’s try that and see” or, “I want to go ahead and do that; I’m sure I will be fine.” Then I do and I’m fine. Even when things don’t work out exactly as I plan, I’m still fine.

Do I experience an absence of fear? Yes, very often. But there are also times when I decide to proceed even in the presence of fear. Fear has to move aside when faced with courage. The choice to move it is entirely mine.

I encourage you to pluck up some nerve and fearlessness. If you want to develop more courage, tell yourself more often, “I’m going to try that and see what happens.” Then go ahead; you’ll be fine. When you give yourself permission to go higher, you too will see things like that beautiful pool at the base of the falls.

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